Office of the company Royan in Kiev

The office of the company Royan is a modern look to the office space.

The Eco-style, surrounded by saturation of color, creates an atmosphere of a cozy office that you don’t want to leave.

The Royan reception is illuminated and decorated with lamps made from wine barrels – they inform the visitor about the company’s kind of business.

The light and spacious Open space creates a working and at the same time creative atmosphere.

The Мeeting room is combined with a bar for various events and parties of the company (yes, you did not misinterpret – there is a bar in this office).

  • Category: office.
  • Placement: Kiev.
  • Area: 315 m².
  • Company: Partner Design with the cooperation of Brick-Brot studio.

Просто фиктивный текст печатной печатной промышленности

Стандартным фиктивным текстом отрасли с тех пор, как в 1500-х годах, когда неизвестный принтер

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