Apartment in the village of Kozyn. Kiev region

Our team Brick-Brot studio adores experiments, and when the customer’s desire coincides with our views – each project becomes double perfect.

The apartment that will be used as a dacha is a somewhat specific task, but such details as a 4 meters heigh ceiling, the lack of strictly set tasks makes it possible to create something really unusual and unique, because there is an additional field for thinking and interesting ideas, and also increases the desire for cooperation.

For example, the element Lounge-shelf allows you to create some additional space, where you can read a book in seclusion, create, be alone with yourself. Also, the warm colors and elements of the loft make it possible to feel comfortable, while keeping yourself in good shape.

  • Category: Apartment.
  • Placement: Kozin, Kiev region.
  • Area: 93 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio.

Просто фиктивный текст печатной печатной промышленности

Стандартным фиктивным текстом отрасли с тех пор, как в 1500-х годах, когда неизвестный принтер

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