One-room apartment-studio in Kiev

When it becomes possible to design an apartment of a small area, there is a difficult, but important task – to accommodate and take into account all the possible functions that the family will need for a comfortable life.

This apartment, with an area of ​​42 square meters. m, claims to be a functional housing for a family of two people. It is also possible to expand the number of residents if necessary. The apartment managed to accommodate a bedroom, a separate dining table, a lounge and a reception area with a TV, a kitchen and a bathroom. At the same time, the balcony remained a balcony and will delight the owners with fresh air on the 21th floor.

Light colors gamma with a dominant deep green color are well underscored by light woods and inlays of metal surfaces. The atmosphere of the room resembles a fresh summer day, in which you want to dive towards peace and relaxation. The sun’s rays that fall into the apartment through the glass partition from the bedroom give it a feeling of space and lightness. Covering the floor in the common room adds dynamics and stimulates interaction with each zone.

  • Category: apartment
  • Placement: Kiev.
  • Area: 42 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio.

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