Private house in the Kiev region

An exclusive project was born from this conversation: “People are social creatures, so we are increasingly populating cities, but the city is exhausting and so I would like to see something reminiscent of silence, calmness and detachment in my country house”.

This project inherits the style of “country” – an invaluable solution for people living in a bustling metropolis. Refusing the pathos and glamor, we do not go away from modernity, because the use of elements of “antiquity”: natural materials contribute to a sense of intimacy with nature, and some lyricism, the softness of the whole atmosphere in the room beckons to return to their home more often.


  • Category: Apartment.
  • Placement: Vasilkov, Kiev region.
  • Area: 51 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio.


Просто фиктивный текст печатной печатной промышленности

Стандартным фиктивным текстом отрасли с тех пор, как в 1500-х годах, когда неизвестный принтер

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