Second cottage in the city of Vinnitsa

This object is located in a new rapidly developing area of ​​the city of Vinnitsa with low-rise buildings.

The big advantage of a private cottage is the ability to build a space in which the courtyard is part of the interior. Panoramic windows on the first and second floor – a real adornment of this project.

The interior uses discreet color schemes with bright accents. In the living room the accent plays a copper wall, which sets the tone for the whole room. Interspersed with yellow metal on the chandelier and light wood species perfectly support it and act as a backdrop for bright chairs and paintings. Each next detail is based on one and gives a continuation of the other, with the help of which harmony is achieved.

The main idea of ​​the Vinnitsa cottages is to demonstrate the possibility of performing the same space in different directions. The combination of details reflects the personal preferences and desires of the customer.

  • Category: Cottage.
  • Placement: Vinnitsa.
  • Area: 120 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio with the cooperation of Daria Gross.

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