Hookah place by smooking in Grodno, Belarussia

The basement under the hookah-bar is like Roy Ben for hipsters.

The absence of sunlight can be a trump card if it is necessary to create an atmosphere of informality and complete relaxation, as in our case.

What is to be done with an institution that is too small for an intimate setting? Add a few more seats and people will follow it exactly!

The hookah-bar Hookah in the city of Grodno mixed in itself a lot of functions, so this is exactly the place where you will not be bored and you will not feel lonely.

We could make the design so that every corner, every surface played its role, and their combination creates the feeling of a real holiday.

  • Category: Hookah-bar.
  • Placement: str. Sovetskaya, 25, Grodno, Belarussia.
  • Area: 95 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio.

Просто фиктивный текст печатной печатной промышленности

Стандартным фиктивным текстом отрасли с тех пор, как в 1500-х годах, когда неизвестный принтер

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