Wine restaurant Valley Mariner in Kiev

If the planet Mars had had an intelligent life and people could find out the remains of their civilization, what would be their expectation? What would houses, parks, restaurants look like?

Unfortunately, there is no a concrete answer. But you can see it through the eyes of designers. The Wine Restaurant Mariner Valley is very distinctive and unique. Fancy forms create the atmosphere of something unearthly. Abundant greens on the bar is like a dream of green oases on this desert planet.

Here you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with a glass of wine or a conversation with your best friends.

  • Category: Restaurant.
  • Placement: Kiev
  • Area: 82 m².
  • Company: Brick-Brot studio.

Просто фиктивный текст печатной печатной промышленности

Стандартным фиктивным текстом отрасли с тех пор, как в 1500-х годах, когда неизвестный принтер

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