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Our team develops and implements projects of various types of public and residential spaces.

The design project includes the creation of conceptual solutions, which are reflected in the album of visualizations and the album of drawings of architectural solutions, on which the implementation is carried out. We also provide the services of a complete set (filling) of the interior and architectural supervision, in order to achieve maximum compliance with the design solutions.

The album of visualizations

includes a sufficient number of visualizations (2-3 per room) to fully understand the conceptual solutions.

An album of architectural design drawings is:

1. title page;

2. measurement plan;

3. dismantling plan (if necessary);

4. installation plan;

5. plan for the placement of furniture and equipment;

6. floor plan;

7. ceiling plan;

8. scheme of interior decoration;

9. layout of socket;

10. plan for the placement of lighting equipment;

11. plan for switching lights on by groups;

12. scheme for involuting, involuting of apartaments;

13. list of finishing works.


Album of furniture contructions:

The album includes drawings of the projected unique furniture constructions and cabinet furniture. It acts as a technical task for manufacturers.


Cost of the design project:

  • residential premises – from $ 20 per sq.m .;
  • сafes, restaurants, bars – from $ 25 per square meter;
  • office space – from $ 15 per square meter.


Depending on the style or additional requests the price may vary. With a large floor space, the cost is reduced.

However, we are always ready for dialogue!


Interior furnishing:

We are engaged in the selection of models of furniture and materials for decoration, decorative elements, plumbing fixtures, according to the developed design project. The process of selecting furniture and materials can be very problematic when the market for products is unknown.

Completion with us can occur in two scenarios:

  • Summary table of all elements necessary for the implementation of the interior, with the specified links to manufacturers and shops. If necessary, select analogs. Cost: $ 5 per square meter.
  • We take part in trips to the stores and negotiate with manufacturers in the selection of the necessary elements. We control the delivery process to the construction site.


What is the benefit for you?

This service significantly saves your precious time and allows you to fit into the planned budget, while the selected elements of the interior will meet the developed concept.


Author’s supervision.

Construction is a living organism, therefore in the process of implementation a large number of questions and nuances arise that are difficult to solve without the participation of the author of the project. We carry out the process of monitoring compliance with all adopted design decisions to obtain the desired result:

  • departure to the site four times a month;
  • communication and consultation with the foreman regarding the design project;
  • adjustments to project documentation, if necessary;
  • project support until the final, when every little thing in its place.


With great pleasure we will develop and implement

from A to Z the project of your home, which will become an expression of the harmony of your own inner world!


Brick-brot, not for all, but for each.

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